Our dental services

These are the dental services offered by our clinic:

Conservative dentistry
Traditional and cosmetic orthodontics
Fixed and removable prostheses
Dental hygiene and whitening
Diagnosis and treatment of conditions causing pain and dysfunctions in the cranial and cervical regions.

Clinical Procedures

For over 20 years we have provided dental care services, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of pain and ailments affecting the cranial and mandibular areas. These make up a large percentage of highly incapacitating conditions, which can be so grievous as to compromise an individual’s quality of life if not their capacity to work and entertain a social and romantic life.

We treat cases in which a lack of harmony between the dental occlusion (see glossary) and the muscular and joint functions causes the muscles in the cranial and cervical regions to work too much and inefficiently, resulting in excessive strain. The stress these muscles undergo can often lead to intense pain in the head (the top or temples), face (cheekbones and eyebrows) ears (occasionally causing impaired hearing and tinnitus) neck, shoulders and arms (with tingling sensations in the fingers).

These ailments can be exacerbated by unnatural postural habits, such as always carrying weights on the same shoulder, sitting in front of the computer in an uncomfortable position, or playing wind and string instruments. In some cases the impairment expresses itself as noise, pain, stiffness in one or both the temporal and mandibular joints, making it difficult to even open the mouth. In other cases, the signs of a dysfunction can be more subtle and apparently difficult to interpret, such as difficulty swallowing solid and liquid foods, struggling to pronounce words, up to nausea and vertigo.

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