Our clinical approach

What is commonly defined as “mouth” or “teeth” is in fact a complex organ, known as the masticatory apparatus. The function of this apparatus has changed considerably in the human species compared to other animals, but the overall complexity of this structure has remained unaltered.

Our apparatus is nonetheless weaker and more prone to illness, particularly when it comes to teeth, which serve as a tool and are also the most prominent part of the apparatus. Furthermore, precisely because of the complex changes that have occurred in the human species, the Purchase Viagra head lies in an erect position above the neck, weighing directly on it and consequently on the rest of the body down until the feet. Therefore we cannot limit our assessment to the health of our mouth and teeth and ignore the complex links in the body as a whole. These links are manifested through the muscles, an organ that is present in all our body parts. 

It follows then that issues arise when the teeth suffer as they are altered, moved or are missing because of muscular repercussions, which can spread and cause suffering or a medical history, which initially might be difficult to attribute only to the “mouth and teeth”.